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Bennington Pontoon is a luxury pontoon boat manufacturer with an international presence. As Bennington's social media manager, I select from the brand's photo and video collection to build content calendars for Facebook and Instagram. I write copy for all posts, except the occasional posts requested by Polaris, the company that owns Bennington.

I also post stories, edit videos to create engaging reels, manage comments, and manage a private Bennington Pontoon Owners Facebook page. Here, I have conversations with Bennington owners, answer questions, and help create a bond between the brand and customers. 

From April 2022 through November 2023, Bennington has seen a 260% increase in engagement on Facebook and has gained 4,804 net new followers (from 45,887 to 50,691). During this same time period on Instagram, Bennington gained 2,057 net new followers. 

Visit these pages:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Examples of copy:

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