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As a child, I would spend countless hours creating my own magazines, newspapers, and collections of creative writing. I even created a book of pomes — let me just say I’m glad my parents didn’t sign me up for a spelling bee when I was that young. My love of storytelling never faded.

I'm currently a social media specialist at Federated Digital Media in Mishawaka, Indiana, where I manage social media profiles for businesses. I do this by creating content calendars, brainstorming ideas for content campaigns, writing posts for social media, creating graphics and reels, engaging with social media users through comments and direct messages, and boosting posts to relevant audiences. I also strategize blog content and write blog posts for clients.

I have a degree in magazine media journalism from Ball State University with minors in sociology and creative writing. As a journalist, I have experience working in magazine, newspaper, and public radio industries. 

​Stories change people, and therefore the world. That’s why I’m a writer. I’m driven to write stories that matter — meaningful stories that change hearts and minds — or stories that advance our world. What's your story?

Let's talk!

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